The MGP Band

These guys are amazing. Yuri has a rhythmic pocket and a personal style that many only dream about. Kevin has a deep musicality, and he holds down the low end like a boss. Most importantly, both have a sense of humor that finds all three of us laughing and grinning like idiots when we play together. And they have CHOPS 🔥.

We can’t wait for you to hear what we’re doing together if you haven’t already. You’re going to love it.

Kevin Kriner, Bass

Kevin Kriner is a San Francisco Bay Area bassist and lifelong musician who studied piano from childhood through high school, then added alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone before studying jazz piano. When his son became a drummer, however, Kevin took up the bass to enjoy the unique appeal of a family rhythm section. Kevin has since held down the low end for The Outer Half and Slide Dogs as well as a revival of the Wayward Monks. When he’s not practicing or playing gigs, Kevin can be found hanging out with his family — Daniella, his wife of 27 years, and sons Jack and Will — running, and leading a software engineering practice at a management and technology consulting firm.

Yuri Selukoff, Drums

Yuri Selukoff is a self-taught drummer from the San Francisco, California Bay Area. With an accomplished, professional career in IT, he then decided to bring fire into his life and fulfill a lifelong wish to be an equally accomplished drummer. Influenced by all kinds of rock, funk, punk, indie, and folk artists, he strives to create a solid rhythmic foundation while maintaining the delicate balance between playing too little and playing too much. He is known for his crazy deep rhythmic pocket that nails down a groove so tight that every other player can shine. He has played previously with Kali Ra, High Level Decent, and Katharine Hedlund, and he worked for 5 years as a tour manager for various rock and pop bands.