Martha Groves Perry

Original music with a straightforward, compelling, and sometimes edgy clarity, strong blues, southern rock, and experimental influences, and a badass Americana flavor by Martha Groves Perry, a San Francisco vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, and songwriter.

New Album — Call Out — Released April 21 !

exceptional album review on Americana Highways

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From the review:

“In ‘Dumping My Delusion,’ Ms. Perry gives us a vocal lesson. Her tone, intonation, phrasings & how she applies her inimitable style is like salty potato chips & dark chocolate. From dark music to riveting in the 57-voice chorus in ‘McKiely’s Song,’ shows the ability of Ms. Perry’s voice to tread through as a pristine ballad singer, traditional interpreter & jazz singer. Impressive.”

“There are moments when Martha grazes the delicacy of expression often provided by the likes of Tom Waits, early Ricki Lee Jones, Tom Wilson (Junkhouse) & Patti Smith. Martha Groves Perry has style with her dark-hued melodies that are tailored with grace.”

“… exceptionally rendered by Martha who effectively sings with a noirish feel ….The contrasts between the songs are riveting & Martha’s cohesive performance is solid.”


“A stellar artist”

IONAS FINSER, IndieSpoonful

LP released on March 1, 2020

Debut EP released on September 1, 2016

You can also find Martha on iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora


audience member, black cat cabaret, vashon WA

“About cried when you sang See Me. You finished sentences for me!”

Audience member, Art Boutiki Music Hall, San Jose CA

“… damned good music … a true talent …”

Audience member, day in Spring recovery event, Aptos CA

“Piercingly honest lyrics intertwine with high energy rock rhythms and beautiful ballads.”

Audience member, House concert, Sunnyvale CA