Martha Groves Perry is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, and songwriter. Her original music has a straightforward, compelling, and sometimes edgy clarity, and is a fresh mix of blues and rock. Her penetrating viewpoint speaks in moods ranging from unbothered amusement to fearless truth-telling.



As a vocalist and cellist, she toured with Michelle Shocked (read about it here), and performed with Tony Lindsay, Skip Edwards, James Nash, Jesse Brewster, Rich Armstrong, Crystal Monee Hall, Uriah Duffy, Greg Tanner HarrisMichèle Sharik, and duo Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon. She also was lead singer and songwriter for MapleDream, an all-female original band. In addition to vocals, she plays piano, guitar, bass guitar, and percussion, and has been a featured soloist on classical, rock, and folk recordings as a cellist.

Please also see Martha’s list of past shows.